Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Beanstalk subscription let me watch?

You and your children can join live shows whenever they are scheduled and stream from our growing library of shows. Periodically, we'll have special events and themed activities, and in most cases those are also included with your subscription.

Why do you need my child(ren)'s name(s)?

Beanstalk shows and experience are personalized for your children, and their names are never used for any other purpose. When your child joins a show, their name is displayed so the host can call on them throughout the show.

What's the experience of a live Beanstalk show like?

As a live show starts, your child (or children) will join other kids around the globe and be welcomed by one of our outstanding cast members, who perform as a character they will grow to love. Show themes vary but are all centered around our pedagogy and approach (learn more). We use Zoom to host our classes so that everyone has a chance to be seen and heard. Your child(ren) will be a part of driving the show experience, doing things like describing household objects, drawing a bumblebee, and more. They'll be sure to love it and ask you to join another class soon!

What's the best setup or technology to get the most out of a live experience?

Most of our children have a laptop or an iPad propped up on a table with plenty of room to stretch or do activities. Your room should be well lit for us to see your kids' bright and shiny faces, and the microphone should be at the ready so they can respond to our hosts. We recommend installing the Zoom app on your device (download it here). When your child (or children) joins the class, we will mute the microphone to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, but they will be encouraged to un-mute when called upon.

What happens when the show is over?

When the show ends, our hosts will encourage you and your child(ren) to check out what's next on the Beanstalk schedule, or stream one of our many other shows if they want.

Why should I watch Beanstalk instead of another streaming video service for my child?

The people behind Beanstalk are passionate, forward-thinking, family-first experts in tech, education, entertainment, and children’s media. We are professionals, pioneers, and parents who believe that nurturing today’s youngest minds will bring tomorrow’s brightest future. We do this by transforming technology experiences into rich learning ground while creating deeper human connections. Our shows encourage children to be curious, creative, confident, and kind. We’re proudly backed by a group of investors who feel the same.

How can I join the Beanstalk team?

Check out our careers page for any available openings. Thanks for your interest!