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Once we found out that we were having a boy, we immediately headed over to the closest shopping mall in hopes of finding cute outfits, toys and accessories for our baby Jackson. To our surprise, every store we walked into had lots of cute options for girls, but unfortunately when it came to boys, selections were limited. We could only find primary colored plastic toys and accessories, which don’t really go with our style. So we left the mall empty handed and a little disappointed.

Later that night, we took to the internet and started searching for gender neutral baby apparel, toys and accessories. We were amazed at how many small mom and pop shops in Europe and around the world were selling exactly the type of baby products that we were looking for. That’s when we started Odin Parker! An online shop, featuring unique gender-neutral baby goods that babies will love and parents will appreciate!We run Odin Parker out of our home in Oregon and we have curated a small collection of products that we love and use in our own home! Hope you love them as much as we do.

-Atila, Blakeslee & Jackson

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Odin Parker
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No Battery Toy
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0-2 years
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Odin Parker
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