Painting Science

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What better way to learn than while having fun creating art projects? Kids ages 4-7 will learn about symmetry, capillary action, and optical illusions as they paint, draw and experiment. They will explore symmetry by making folded paintings and make paper flowers bloom! Experiment to see colors “walk” from cup to cup. Color in 6 optical illusion designs for 3 wooden spinning tops! Packed with enriching activity for hours of play, parents will be delighted to see kids so immersed and engaged. Individual activity packs make it perfect to share or save for another day. Each activity comes with an experiment card that explains how to do the experiment and the science that makes it work. These fully illustrated Experiment Cards explain in simple fun language how to complete the project and the science behind it. Comes with 4 tubs of paint, 2 paint brushes, 6 markers, 2 wooden tops, 6 plastic cups, 6 jumbo fizzy tints, preprinted art activities and so much more.

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Painting Science
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Arts & Coloring
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3-5 years
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