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Ok, may think I'm totally biased because Abby is my aunt! It's the exact opposite. Teddy is a harsh critic and he's even tougher on his great-aunt.  We LOVE these books. Abby originally designed them to be more boy-focused as well as to appeal to a broader audience. Teddy is obsessed, the subject matter is spot-on for first graders, and he eally enjoys the joint reading experience these books create. -- Amy

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Watch out, Junie, there's a new kid on the block! It's Freddy Thresher, a first grader who knows it's a jungle out there. A new chapter book series written by an elementary teacher who's seen it all! Freddy Thresher has a problem: a really, really, big problem. He's the only one in his class who hasn't lost a tooth! All of the other students in Mrs. Wushy's first grade have signed their names on the Big Tooth, and Freddy's determined to get his name on it, too. So when Max "The Meanie" Sellars calls Freddy a baby, Freddy decides he's going to lose that tooth one way or another, even if it means getting punched in the face at recess, or even bigger trouble, with Mom!

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