Gifts We Love this 2022 Holiday Season

Gifts We Love this 2022 Holiday Season
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Mom Guilt and The Holidays

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to create the perfect holiday experience for Teddy and Elliot, and recently I've realized this is an unreasonable expectation and it often takes away from what is really important, being present and enjoying our time together as a family. It is not easy to remember this, but I am doing my best to remind myself everyday.

What's REALLY Important

To make your life easier and give you more time to be present, I've created this list of my favorite toys this year. There is something for everyone and every developmental need. Wishing you a very happy holiday season, filled with family time, low stress and hopefully a little ME time for you!

Our Favorite Gifts This Season

MOLUK Bilibo
Bilibo banner

This open ended toy can be used in so many different ways, and I have so much fun watching Teddy's imagination come to life. They are great alone or you can buy a few to create gross motor stepping stones.

Indoor Croquet Set
Indoor croquet set banner

It can be hard to keep kids active when it is cold outside. This holiday themed indoor croquet set is a great way to promote hand eye and gross motor skills. We have a blast laying as a family and it is easy to store when you are done.

NYE Kit from Made Modern
NYE Kit Banner

Teddy loves kid made modern kits. They are beautifully crafted with unique high end materials that feel like a true treat. I love these kits because it allows kids to be creative and follow directions. This is a great activity to do during winter break.

Twister banner

This timeless classic is a great way to help your kiddo learn right and left. It promotes color recognition, problem solving and gross motor skills. Teddy created his own game where he spins the spinner and hops to the color he lands on.

Zoo Dominos Banner

We love this domino set. My kids have so much creating domino courses while also playing make believe with the animal characters. This toy is great at promoting creativity, fine motor skills, problem solving, and imagination.

Clay Dinos
Clay Dinos

Teddy loves this activity set. The clay is light and fun to mold and it comes with an interactive app that teaches kids how to mold the clay. This is a great way for kids to practice following directions independently while improving their creative confidence and fine motor skills.

Wooden Kid's Calendar
Kid's calendar

This beautifully crafted wooden calendar is built like a puzzle that your child can put together to learn months and days and work on planning.

Indoor Ring Toss
Indoor ring

This has been one of our favorite active toys. It's perfect for every age. Elliot likes to sit and put the rings on each post. Teddy likes to see how far he can throw the rings. This is a great way to get kids moving inside while practicing hand/eye coordination.

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