Mad, Sad, and Glad: Products and Shows that Help Us Share Our Feelings

Mad, Sad, and Glad: Products and Shows that Help Us Share Our Feelings
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Oh feelings...

Sometimes I don't even know where to start, and I'm talking about my own feelings...

So, let's start with the basics. Identifying how we feel. Who knew this was so hard. Think about it...Do you properly label your emotions EVERY time?

With kids it's important that we help them learn to properly identify and express their emotions. It is equally important that we do not cast any judgments on feelings. Sad is not bad! As kids gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they relate to the world around them, they will notice how they feel in different situations and from there they can better express themselves.

You can't start too early and it's never too late! This bundle of my favorite feelings content is good for all ages and I hope it allows your little one to feel more centered and able to clearly articulate how they feel. And if it helps you too… know I'm right there with you!

-- Amy

Streaming Shows that Talk About All the FEELS

At Beanstalk, we know a show is really on to something when the monikers they use to teach our kids about emotions, ring true for us!

Banner image for the streaming episode "Daniel Gets Mad"
Banner image for the streaming episode "Daniel Goes to the Doctor"

Daniel Gets Mad and Daniel Goes to the Doctor - I can't tell you how many times Daniel Tiger's lyrics "when you feel so mad that you wanna roar, take a deep breath and count to four.." run around in my head when I feel a deep GRRR coming on.

Banner image for the episode "The Whiz Kid Quiz/Glittertastrophe"

The Whiz Kid Quiz & Glitter-trastophe - When I'm doubting myself (can I really make my mom's stuffing this year..?), Ada Twist chimes in with a cheery, "maybe you'll make failure your best friend". And sometimes, you need to simply "take a step back and ask for help."

That's what I think to myself when I recruit shows like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Ada Twist to help teach my daughter about big feelings and what to do with them.

Learning about emotions is essential. But, identifying the feelings as they come and applying a bit of self-soothing salve with the power of song is magical. For our kids.. and for their grownups too!

We chose these three outstanding episodes for not only addressing heavy hitters like anger, self-doubt, and fear, but doing it with honesty, grace.. and great music.

Products to Help Children Express Their Feelings

We've hand selected these toys that make it easy for kids to express their emotions with pictures and graphics that are universally understandable for every language and culture. We've also selected a couple of books that really capture how to turn feelings into positive energy.

Banner image for the product "Better Builders: Emotions"

Better Builders Emotions Magnetic Figures - This toy is awesome because it allows kids to fidget with the magnetic pieces while participating in pretend play which in some instances can increase concentration. Pretend play is a great way for kids to safely express emotions.

Banner image for the book "Glad Monster, Sad Monster"

Glad Monster, Sad Monster - This book explores all the emotions and has fun interactive masks for the kids throughout. It is such a fun read and a great way to expose kids to feelings and prompt conversations around their own feelings.

Banner image for the book "Empathy is your Superpower"

Empathy is your Superpower - This book teaches kids to understand and process the feelings of others and makes finding simple ways to grow our compassion a super strength!

Banner image for the product "Wooden Emotion Wheel"

Wooden Emotion Wheel - Sometimes it can be really hard to explain how we feel! This simple and fun tool helps kids learn and identify their feelings; it can even be a playful way for us grownups to communicate with our kids too!

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