Why did we build Beanstalk?

Why did we build Beanstalk?
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Amy Molk

As a mom and an entrepreneur in the early childhood space I am on a quest to curate and provide parents with a truly guilt free screen time experience for kids that is safe, developmentally appropriate, non-addictive, educational and fun.

At Beanstalk we are a group of parents, educators, screen time experts and creators who hand select every video, app, game and product on Beanstalk. We provide children with a customized screen time experience that gets them moving, learning  social and emotional skills, and gets them ready for kindergarten while inspiring curiosity and creativity.

We believe screentime is inevitable and can be a huge asset in your child's development. We also believe in the power of community and feedback. Join our facebook parent group to share your playlists, follow other parents and experts and get the latest and greatest in real time.

Not all screentime is created equal, and your child deserves the best. Whether they are relaxing and enjoying their favorite stories and characters or actively engaging in a program, we believe screen time should be thoughtful and meaningful. On Beanstalk there are no rabbit holes, only transparency and endless paths to growth.

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